The Real Cost of Booking an Airbnb

I checked a guest in today and we talked about staying at airbnb places, he told me what his price point was and how he decided to stay at my place- he said” When you factor in the cost of the room plus the cleaning fee plus taxes it really does come out very close or the same to staying at a REAL Bed and Breakfast”.

At a bed and breakfast we take care of the room, you are on vacation – you don’t have to make your bed- we do it for you, or clean the bathroom or clean the breakfast dishes or coffee cups. They were asking about coffee shops and pastry shops and then it dawned on them Breakfast is included as well as much coffee as you want, you don’t have to go out early to find a place to eat! Although lots of our places are close to fine bakeries and cafes. We offer complementary breakfast, free parking, free wi-fi, snacks, water, coffee and personalized service. So come give us a try, you’ll be glad you did.