Hemp Fest is still popular as ever

With the advent of the legalization of Marijuanna in the state of Washington a whole new type of tourist can now be seen visiting Seattle and our state. From the ones who smoke, eat or vape marijuanna to the ones who just want to see a pot shop it certainly has created alot of buzz. The Seattle Hemp Fest has been around alot longer than the legaization of marijanna. This year the festival takes place from Aug 18-20. It is a weekend where people of like minds can come see all the new products that are available to them as well as listening to great music and eating great food. It takes place on Myrtle Edwards park on the city waterfront and is the perfect place to spend the whole day or at least part of it. Enjoy being on the water and watching the sunset in the evening. Located just next door to the park is the Seattle Sculpture Park. Here you can enjoy walking the grounds admiring the large art pieces that are scattered  through out.