Who ever said Seattle isn’t a good place to travel in the Winter?

For those of us who live in Seattle the winter months never stop us from doing things. We still get out and ride our bikes, jog, and relish in the colder weather. For skiers we are just a short 35 minutes away from the slopes of the Cascades. There you will have a winter wonderland with lots of snow and well groomed slopes to ski down. There are also a number of groomed trails for those who prefer cross country sking.

For those who like to ride bicycles then Seattle offers a number of dedicated bicycle paths.   Be it either the Burke Gilman trail, the Inter-Urban trail or the Sound to Mountain bikeway, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with traffic on these dedicated bicycle paths. Seattle also has added a number of dedicated lanes in most parts of the city for you to use. If you find yourself to tired to return our transit system offers bicycle racks on all of its routes. Anyway you look at it Seattle is a great place to spend some time in the winter months. And remember most of the tourists have left for the season so you shouldn’t have a hard time making your way around the Pike Place Market or getting that special reservation in many of our more popular restaurants.