Get Your Happy On!

Get Your Happy On! That’s this years theme for the Puyallup Fair. The fair is Washington States largest and started on Sept 7th and runs througth Sept. 23rd. This fair is jammed packed with things to do and lots of big name entertainers to see such as Enrique Inglesias, Heart and Jackie Evancho. Many of the Bed and Breakfast Inns from your Seattle Bed and Breakfast Association are located in the South end of town and are just a short distance away from the Fair. Even if you are staying at one of the Associations Inns that are located further north it is well worth the trip to spend a day “eating” your way through the Fair. Every year there is something new that one of the food vendors tries to fry. Last year it was deep fried snickers bars and this year it is deep fried carmel apples! Or if you are a traditionalist like me a trip to the Fair wouldn’t be complete without a few of Fishers famous scones with rasberry jam. Did you know that they produce over 11,000 scones everyday that the Fair is open? I like heading to the Modern Living building to see all the new product that they have come up with. Invariably I walk away with some new gadget that I think will make my life easier. And speaking of easier all of the Innkeepers at Seattle’s Bed and Breakfast Association would love to make your life easier with giving you a wonderful breakfast in the morning as well as detailed instructions on how to spend your day. So whether it is spending a day at the Fair, exploring Mt. Rainier or even figuring out how to navigate the bus system there is someone there to help you out.

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