"Outstanding Restaurateur" Tom Douglas in our own backyard!

It’s the start of summer and time to enjoy all the exciting eateries in Seattle. It is not every city that can boast of having “The James Beard Outstanding Restaurateur of the Year” Tom Douglas is a man who has brought innovation to the food scene in Seattle. During his 23 years in the industry he has worked tirelessly to bring fresh and local growers together with the chefs of his restaurants.  His 8 establishments are the perfect way to spend a summer day or evening in Seattle.
1. Dahlia Lounge and Bakery
2. Serious Pie and Serious Biscuit
3.  Bravehorse-Tavern
4. Lola’s
5. Palace Kitchen
6. Cuoco
7. Ting Momo
8. Etta’s
9. Seatown
Seattle is known for its salmon but so many of the restaurants in the city are reaching out and changing the face of the restaurant industry. Local purveyors are often providing some of the best organic food products around. It no longer is enough to say I had a great salmon dinner in Seattle. Now you can say I had the best Thai, Italian, Japanese, French meal of my life in Seattle. And of course we can’t forget the best cup of coffee. After all it still is Seattle!

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