Bainbridge Island Beckons

Summer is a great time to get out and explore the Seattle area. A day to remember starts with a wonderful ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. Walk on and enjoy the breeze. The ride itself gives you a memorable glance at the downtown skyline. Picture taking is a must. The voyage is a mere 30 minutes and you are on to adventures on Bainbridge Island. While you get your bearings, try a pastry and coffee at Blackbird Bakery. Shopping is a must as Bainbridge is home to many local artists. They take their trade seriously and produce many unique and gorgeous items. These items are perfect to take home to remember the day.  Ready for wine, there are two local wineries on the main street of Winslow that will give you an idea of how local wineries are working hard to produce tantalizing wines. The local eateries along this tiny street and the lanes beyond go out of their way to use local ingredients.  Down by the waterfront of Winslow, two eateries have outstanding views. Sitting at Doc’s Marina Grill or Harbour Public House(21 over) you can see the gorgeous city of Seattle, boats bobbing in the harbor and know that paradise isn’t too far away.

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