Sunlight in Seattle-get back to nature

With over fifteen hours of sunlight each day, we humans aren’t the only ones enjoying this Seattle summertime. Plants are in their prime right now, and there are many different ways to enjoy the Emerald City through a leafy lens.

For a day in one of Seattle’s Japanese Gardens visit either Kubota Garden or the Washington Park Arboretum near the University of Washington.

Discovery Park is Seattle’s largest, and with 11 miles of hiking trails, two entries on the National Register of Historic Places, beaches, bluffs, and the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation’s Daybreak Star Cultural Center, it is easy to forget you are in a city.

The city of Seattle has named 2010 the Year of Urban Agriculture, and so on a neighborhood walk around any of Seattle’s wonderful B&B’s you are sure to get some peeks into amazing backyard gardens (disclaimer: while Seattleites are known for their friendliness, please don’t take this as an invitation to picnic in Bill Gates’ garden.)

But for me, Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets take the cake. Washington may be best known for its apples and cherries, but the Pacific Northwest is second only to California in its selection and quality of fresh local food. There are too many choices to list, but the newly opened Olympic Sculpture Park Farmers Market should not be missed if you are visiting on a Thursday. Some of our guests’ most enjoyable afternoons come from exploring one of the many distinct and diverse neighborhoods within Seattle. Use our Farmer’s Markets as an excuse to visit a side of Seattle you would not otherwise get to see, and enjoy some of the best fresh food you have ever tasted.

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